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Our suite of businesses solutions is designed to help businesses and institutions in the food space to tap into the advantages of single-sourced, directly produced food supplies, cutting out untraceable food supplies from your supply chain. Improve supply reliability, cut costs, produce your own specialty ingredients with our suite of business solutions that scale and grow with your organization. We provide agricultural production services for food and beverage Manufacturers and Traders, Educational and Healthcare Institutions, Hospitality and Retail as well as Governmental and Nonprofit institutions involved in emergency relief and food aid operations.

Email business@epicob.com to get started.

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Epicob Agriculture is an agricultural production service. We grow crops and raise livestock on our clients' behalf. Therefore, please note that the funds you invest with us are NOT a deposit that's available on-demand, a purchase of equity or debt. Although comprehensive agricultural insurance is available for field crops and livestock in our custody, your deposits are not insured by Bank of Uganda or any other financial institution. As with all other investments, your portfolio with us may gain or lose value as commodity and/or input prices fluctuate, or as a result of adverse weather events that are outside our direct control. Please review our literature or interact with our Customer Services Group via live chat, phone or email for more information on how agricultural production and investing works.

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