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If you're interested in becoming a supplier at Epicob, you must register intent online by completing the form below. To ensure a quick and efficient supplier prequalification process, we are only able to register prospective suppliers using the online form at this time. Once your intent is received and approved, you will be contacted by a representative from our purchasing group to confirm the completeness of your entry and/or asked to furnish further information.

Email suppliers@epicob.com for more information.

▶  Use this form to send information about your organization and products

Please complete the form below to register with our purchasing group or to track the progress of an application that you submitted. We receive a large volume of prequalification requests from prospective suppliers. Please allow at least 14 days before contacting us about an application you have submitted.

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Epicob Agriculture is an agricultural production service. We grow crops and raise livestock on our clients' behalf. Therefore, please note that the funds you invest with us are NOT a deposit that's available on-demand, a purchase of equity or debt. Although comprehensive agricultural insurance is available for field crops and livestock in our custody, your deposits are not insured by Bank of Uganda or any other financial institution. As with all other investments, your portfolio with us may gain or lose value as commodity and/or input prices fluctuate, or as a result of adverse weather events that are outside our direct control. Please review our literature or interact with our Customer Services Group via live chat, phone or email for more information on how agricultural production and investing works.

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