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Field Research Data Collection & Management

Epicob Science supports scientists and research institutions conducting agricultural research with professional research site management services and resources so that researchers are able to focus on the science. When you need to conduct individual, group or institutional research, Epicob Science provides short or long-term land leases on research plots, professional plot management and raw data collection services.

Whether your field research activities are part of a local, Uganda-based study or a tropical research study based anywhere else in the world, you can count on our experienced research team to manage your plots and specimens with the rigor and accuracy necessary to produce the reliable data you need.

Our Science and Research Capabilities

The Epicob Science Group is supported by a scientific advisory committee composed of seasoned researchers in the plant and animal sciences, that are capable of handling studies dealing, among other things, with:

      Product comparison trials
      Variety/breed field demonstration
      Seed rate demonstration
      Irrigated or otherwise enhanced conditions
      Yield evaluation studies
      Seed germination and propagation tests
      Artificial pest infestation
      Protected culture and soil/cage/pot/tray trials

Solution Advantages

      Fully Managed: In addition to the resource efficiency, flexibility and cost cutting benefits detailed in our whitepapers and case studies, the solution eliminates the need for you to worry about the day-to-day management of research sites sitting on our facilities, allowing you to spend your time and resources on the science of your research.
      Accurate, Timely Reporting:  Our research associates provide you with timely scheduled and on-demand updates and raw data from your research sites in various raw and multimedia formats and transmission methods that suit your project requirements via our secure internal data management system. Along regular reports, researchers receive free, real-time consultations with site managers to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.
      Round-the-clock Security:  We understand that intrusion or unauthorized access can affect the reliability of your data, and, therefore, your findings and conclusions. We provide 24/7 intrusion protection for your research activities that are located on our premises.
      Glocal: Local expertise, global reach. Even if we'll set up your research sites primarily on Uganda's stable tropical agroecosystem, you can engage our services regardless of where in the world your tesearch team is stationed.

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Epicob Agriculture is an agricultural production service. We grow crops and raise livestock on our clients' behalf. Therefore, please note that the funds you invest with us are NOT a deposit that's available on-demand, a purchase of equity or debt. Although comprehensive agricultural insurance is available for field crops and livestock in our custody, your deposits are not insured by Bank of Uganda or any other financial institution. As with all other investments, your portfolio with us may gain or lose value as commodity and/or input prices fluctuate, or as a result of adverse weather events that are outside our direct control. Please review our literature or interact with our Customer Services Group via live chat, phone or email for more information on how agricultural production and investing works.

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